Goalsetter Announces Partnership with Envestnet to Provide Financial Advisors with Wealth Building Tools for the Whole Family
Goalsetter's spending fintech platform is a new solution for advisors that helps families build generational wealth and achieve an Intelligent Financial Life

NEW YORKApril 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Goalsetter, an award-winning family financial education-focused spending and savings platform, today announced that it is partnering with Envestnet, a leading provider of intelligent systems for wealth management and financial wellness, to provide financial advisors with the tools their clients need to help them reach their long-term goals for building generational wealth.


"At Envestnet, we're providing the technology, solutions and intelligence advisors need to help clients meet current financial obligations and long-term, future goals – what we call The Intelligent Financial Life™," said Envestnet Group Head of Product Innovation Dani Fava. "Ensuring advisors can engage all family members with innovative tools like Goalsetter's financial education and savings platform means they can better help their clients build a foundation for achieving generational wealth, while also providing valuable resources to clients and building recognition for their brand and business with the next generation."

Engaging with all generations on the importance of financial education has become increasingly important for financial advisors, especially with a significant transfer of generational wealth underway. Envestnet's generational research shows that younger generations are increasingly less confident about their financial future. In fact, only 38% of younger Millennials (those ages 25 to 35) feel secure in their current situation1.


Goalsetter's partnership aims to complement Envestnet's current platform designed to help clients access a diverse set of solutions that make them feel secure in their ability to meet their financial goals. With Goalsetter, advisors can cut across generations by helping every member of the family to develop healthy relationships with money from a young age and better understand the key tenets of saving, investing, managing credit and managing risk. 

"We know that generational wealth is not attainable without generational knowledge," says Goalsetter CEO Tanya Van Court. "According to GoBankingRates, 90% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the third generation, and successful wealth managers are focused on helping families to mitigate that risk. Goalsetter's education-first financial solutions are designed to transform both family finance and family financial acumen, and Envestnet is a perfect partner to help us evolve the role of wealth managers from individual advisors to family-focused financial partners and supporters." 

Nationally recognized for its real-world approach to family-focused financial education, Goalsetter is a goal-based savings and smart spending platform that provides families with both engaging educational media and the foundational tools for building wealth. The Goalsetter platform is mapped to JumpStart.org national financial education standards and uses fun, engaging financial wellness content built around pop culture, memes, GIFS and gamification to teach families the language of money.

In turn, Goalsetter has brought the financial education conversation to the dinner table, helping parents become more engaged in the conversation of financial wellness with their children and setting them up for building wealth for their future generations.

Goalsetter's ground-breaking offering of family-friendly financial education tools and unique, next generation features have set it apart in the banking for teens market. In addition to learning about money through gamification and fun gifs and memes, features such as "Learn to Earn," which lets kids earn money for every financial quiz question they get right, and "Learn Before You Burn," which lets parents automatically freeze teens' and tweens' Cashola Prepaid Debit Mastercard® if they haven't taken their financial literacy quizzes for the week, have been favorites for kids and parents alike.

Goalsetter will be at this year's Envestnet Elevate conference in Denver, COApril 26-27. Visit us at booth T3. To learn more, visit: https://goalsetter.co/envestnet

About Goalsetter
Founded in 2016, the affiliated Goalsetter Companies are family saving, investing, financial education, and smart spending platforms that make it easy for the whole family to go cashless while teaching them how to be money smart. Centered around fun, relevant, and engaging financial education content, Goalsetter companies' smart money platform for families provides users with an FDIC-Insured Savings Account; an investment platform powered by Goalsetter Advisors, LLC (an SEC registered investment advisor); the Mastercard Cashola teen and tween debit card with parental controls, game-based financial education quizzes; the "Learn before you Burn" parental control feature on the debit card and the "Learn to Earn" financial reward program; as well as the latest cybersecurity features to protect user privacy. Goalsetter was founded by former Nickelodeon and Discovery Education children's digital programming executive Tanya Van Court. For more about Goalsetter visit www.goalsetter.co.

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